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Addis Ababa September 5/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopia’s ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Dessie Dalkie has briefed African and Middle Eastern Affairs Bureau Director-General, Kim Jang Hyun on the current situation in Ethiopia.

In the discussion, the Ambassador explained about TPLF’s continued provocative acts in the northern Ethiopia.

The ambassador briefed Jang Hyun about the efforts being made by the government of Ethiopia to resolve the conflict peacefully including the declaration of indefinite humanitarian truce, the preparation of the government for peace talks through the AU, the appointment of high level peace committee among others.

However, he said that TPLF rejected these efforts and ignited the war by mobilizing large number of youth using them as cannon fodder.

The Ambassador requested  the international community to try to understand the nature of TPLF and pressurize the group to come to the peaceful option without preconditions, according to Embassy of Ethiopia in Seoul, South Korea.

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