Ethiopian security forces kill, injure “unknown” number of Muslim worshippers  – Mereja


Ethiopian security forces have killed and injured as of yet unknown number of Muslim worshippers in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, multiple media reports indicate. 

Security forces reportedly fired tear gas and live bullets at worshippers which had gathered at the Grand Anwar mosque located in the northern part of Ethiopia’s capital. 

Amid government imposed tight security and communications control, images have come out on social media apparently showing blurry images of dead and injured worshippers. 

Despite tight government control on flow of information, news of security forces crackdown on Muslim worshippers in the Ethiopian capital also led to demonstrations in other parts of Ethiopia, social media posts indicated. 

Last Friday, clashes erupted between Muslim worshippers and security forces in and around several mosques in Addis Ababa leaving at least two dead and scores of others injured. 

On Thursday, the state backed Ethiopia Human Rights Commission (EHRC) disclosed around 140 people have been detained by security forces in the aftermath of last week’s deadly protests. 

Protestors are calling for authorities to cease demolitions of homes and mosques in the newly formed Shaggar administrative city which surrounds Addis Ababa.  

Authorities in Ethiopia’s largest region Oromia launched last year, a mega city project, Shaggar city comprising of six cities surrounding Addis Ababa. 

Since that time, local authorities have been engaged in an ongoing massive homes demolitions campaign which has sparked criticisms that it is inhumane, discriminatory and arbitrary.


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