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Addis Ababa September 21/2022/ENA/ Ethiopian Airlines and the Italian company Geven Skytecno have officially started manufacturing insulation blanket for Boeing-737.

The aerospace manufacturing plant was built with over 6 million USD, it was learned.

During the inaugural ceremony today, Ethiopian Group CEO Mesfin Tasew said that the airline has produced 6 shift sets of insulation blanket for Boeing-737 aircraft.

According to him, the tripartite agreement will enable Ethiopian to manufacture 726 shift sets in the coming 8 or 9 years and supply it to Boeing.

Manufacturing the insulation blanket will first serve as a technology transfer in the aerospace industry, Mesfin stated.

“The second benefit is to generate hard currency for our country. There are African countries that are in this business and generating up to 1 billion USD revenues annually. We don’t assemble aircraft here but our objective is to manufacture part of that,” he added.

Geven Skytecno Managing Director, Alberto Veneruso said there is huge opportunity to grow in the area and to expand this presence in Ethiopia.

Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Agostino Palese stated on his part that the inauguration of insulation blanket manufacturing blanket facility scales up and strengthens the economic cooperation and partnership between Ethiopia and Italy.

“Italy remains committed to continue fostering the economic development of Ethiopia. We strongly believe in the potential for growth of the Ethiopian economy and we are confident that all the relevant institutions will continue to work with us for the creation of business friendly environment and the benefit of our peoples.”

The primary purpose of aircraft insulation blankets is to protect passengers and crew from engine noise and frigid temperatures at high altitudes.

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