Ethiopian, Eritrean Diasporas in New Jersey to Rally Against H.R.6600, S.3199 Bills –


Addis Ababa, April 19, 2022(Walta) – The American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) announced that members of Ethiopian and Eritrean Diasporas living in Harborside JC, the Jersey City of New Jersey will organize a rally tomorrow April 20, 2022, to decry senator Bob Menendez for preparing S.3199 bill.

As to AEPAC, the protestors will be carrying out the demonstration campaign in Jersey at the Office of Senator, Bob Menendez. These sanctions directly affected the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Therefore, the Ethiopian and Eritrean Diasporas who have been living in the city are expected to show their solidarity and speak out the fighting against the unfair heading of the bills to protect their people from any starvation.

Likewise, the Washington Task Force for Peace and Unity for the Ethiopian Association has also announced that Diasporas carried out a protest campaign in Washington D.C., America to combat the H.R.6600 and S.3199 on Monday 18, 2022.

The demonstrators said sanctions are killing, the H.R.6600 and S.3199 are anti-Ethiopia, Eritrea, and America. Therefore, it should be canceled and condemned. In this regard, the demonstrators showed the slogans that the sanctions have highly affected Ethiopia and the U.S. historical relationship.

According to the Association, the campaign to fight H.R.6600 and S.3199 is to be taken place every week in front of the Whitehouse.

Ethiopian origins that have to live in the U.S. are striving to cancel the H.R.6600 and S.3199 through communicating with the senators and members of the congressman, writing a letter, carrying out demonstrating campaigns, collecting petitions, and social media campaigns, the association added.

By the same token, Ethio- American Development Council disclosed recently that the members of Ethiopian and Eritrean Diasporas along with other friends of Ethiopia denounced congressman Brand Sherman for supporting H.R .6600 and S.3199 bills during a rally in front of his office in California, Los Angeles. The demonstrators echoed slogans such as “H.R. 6600 and S. 3199 bills hurt Ethiopia and Ethiopians”

The protestors said “The U.S. and western powers need to support the democratically elected government rather than standing with the terrorist TPLF destructive group. Sanction does not bring any significant change rather than suffering people more,” the council underlined.


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