Ethiopian Coffee Exhibition Kicks Off in London –


Addis Ababa, December 18, 2022 (Walta) – Co-organized by the Ethiopian Embassy and Ethio-Coffee importer Ltd, an Ethiopian Coffee Exhibition opened on 17thDecember in London.

The exhibition brought together UK and international coffee buyers and roasters with Ethiopian green and roasted coffee suppliers.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Wuibshet Demissie, Charge di Affaires of the Ethiopian Embassy in London said, “We are always working to encourage trade and investment between Ethiopia and UK, but this effort is especially exciting because Ethiopia is the origin of coffee.”

Ambassador Wuibshet further stressed on the need to put in place aggressive marketing and enhance our coffee’s market share in the UK, according to MoFA.

Dr. Denis Seudieu, Chief Economist at the International Coffee Organization (ICO) emphasized on the fact that Ethiopia is the origin of coffee. He added that Ethiopia is an active member of ICO and one of the major coffee exporting countries.

Minilik Habtu, representative of the Ethiopian Coffee Association and CEO of Typica Coffee on his part said the event offered an opportunity to promote Ethiopian coffee, which is renowned for its unique flavour.


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Ethiopian Coffee Exhibition Kicks Off in London – Satenaw: Ethiopian News