Ethiopian Business People Among 1,250 Africans to Take Part in Turkey-Africa Int’l Forum –


Addis Ababa, August 11, 2022(Walta) – Some 1,250 traders and business people from Africa, including 100 from Ethiopia, will take part in the World Cooperation Industries Forum (WCI Forum) to be held in Ankara this September.

Briefing the media in Addis Ababa, WCI Forum President  Utku Bengisu said  Ethiopia has been the guest of honor this year and special discounted participation conditions have been prepared for Ethiopian traders and business people.

The forum, which is Turkey’s largest African forum, will take place between 14-15, September, it was learned.

According to the president, Turkey’s interest in Africa, its win-win strategy, and the new cooperation model it proposes are progressing in Africa.

Turkey, which is the 19th largest economy in the world, has embassies in 43 African countries, he added.

Some 350 companies from Turkey’s many sectors such as textile, food construction, materials machinery, and agriculture mining, among others, will participate in the forum, Bengisu stated.

The president said that the forum allows business persons to meet with manufacturers from every sector of this important country at important logistics centers in the world, according to ENA.

Business-to-business meetings, and company, and product introduction panels will also be held for  2 days.

Tukey’s direct investment in Africa is at the level of 7 billion dollars, he further revealed.

The goal of the WCI international business forum is to introduce direct manufacturing companies in Turkey to future business people in many countries in the world.


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Ethiopian Business People Among 1,250 Africans to Take Part in Turkey-Africa Int’l Forum | Satenaw: Ethiopian News

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