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The two imprisoned Ethiopian Associated Press journalists, Amir Aman and Thomas Engida are reported to be released on a 60,000 Br bail each. They were arrested in November 2021 for allegedly working to serve the interest of terrorist groups.

The police requested additional 14 days of investigation to the objection of the defendants’ lawyers who complained that the police is just intending to extend their clients’ imprisonment. The Federal First Instance Court declined the police’s request and decided the release of Amir Aman and Thomas Engida on bail.

On the previous trial held on March 4, the court allowed the police additional nine days of investigation to complete its investigation. The police said on the trial that it had conducted various investigations including obtaining defendants’ words, sending electronic devices apprehended from them to the National Information and Security for investigation.

Two lawmakers in the U.S. Congress- Reps. Adam Schiff of California and Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania are reported to join press freedom advocates yesterday in calling for the immediate release of journalist Amir Aman, who has been held for four months without charges.

“Aman has been unjustly detained in Ethiopia. … It’s clear his only offense is his work as an independent journalist covering the conflict in Tigray – and exposing the unvarnished truth to the Ethiopian people,” said Adam Schiff of California.

Mary Gay Scanlon on her part added, “This ongoing, unjust detention appears to violate international standards on freedom of expression, which the Ethiopian government has agreed to as a signatory on multiple international treaties. I’ll continue to monitor this important case with congressional colleagues, and hope the courts move quickly to release Amir.”

The journalists were arrested in November 2021, under the then state of emergency for allegedly serving the interests of the terrorist groups. They were arrested for three months without charges. 


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