Ethiopian-American candidate Teddy Fikre explains why he is running for Congress in Virginia –


My decision to run for Congress was rooted in my deep dissatisfaction with the current state of the US political process. I was once a very dependable Democrat who traveled to 16 states in 2008 to get Obama elected, but during two years of homelessness starting in 2015, I shed the partisan scales from my eyes. I saw first-hand how both political parties are effectively colluding to enrich multinational corporations and the globalist oligarchs while indenturing the vast majority of humanity and impoverishing billions around the world.

Democrats and Republicans are complicit when it comes to perpetuating economic inequalities. They condition us to fight each other based on our differences, while behind the scenes they are working together to pass policies that exacerbate the very social ills they pretend to rage against.

That is why I decided to run for Congress as an independent. My aim is not to climb the political ladder or to become an entrenched politician in DC. My hope is instead to shake up the status quo and to make sure that we finally have one person who is not a partisan shill and a corporate mouthpiece and is willing to fiercely advocate on behalf of the poor, champion the rights of workers, and empower small businesses. […] CONTINUE READING

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