Ethiopian Airlines to order five Boeing 777 Freighters


The largest and leading aviation group in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines has put in another order for Boeing 777 cargo planes.

Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mr Mesfin Tasew said ”The addition of these five Boeing 777 Freighters into our cargo fleet will enable us to meet the growing demand in our cargo operation.

While cementing our partnership with the Boeing Company with new orders, the growth of our freighter fleet takes the capacity and efficiency of our shipment service to the next level. We always strive to serve our customers with the latest technology aircraft the aviation industry could offer.

Our Africa’s largest cargo terminal coupled with fuel-efficient freighters and well-trained cargo handling professionals will enable our customers get the best quality shipment service. Customers can rely on Ethiopian for wide-ranging cargo services across five continents.”

Ethiopian Airlines currently operates a fleet of nine 777 freighters, which have a notional range of 4,970 nautical miles and can carry a maximum structural payload of 107 tonnes used on a network of 127 international destinations around the world with both belly hold capacity and dedicated freighter services.

In early March 2022, Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines also announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the intent to purchase five 777-8 Freighters, the industry’s newest, most capable and most fuel-efficient twin-engine freighter.


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