Ethiopia struggling to receive payment for its Sudan power exports: Report – Mereja

Ethiopia is struggling to receive payment for its Sudan power exports, the thrice weekly local newspaper, Ethiopian disclosed on Wednesday. disclosed there are efforts by Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), Ethiopia’s power utility to involve the government in the issue since Sudan has been failing to fully pay for Ethiopia’s power exports since last year. 

Citing an EEP official, report stated Sudan’s current and internal problems may be partly to explain for its failure to fully pay for Ethiopia’s power exports. 

“There are situations where Sudan pays for one-month power usage payment, then next month it’s not paid or its only paid partially and added together with other unrelated expenses,’’ reported citing an EEP official. 

Ethiopia earned 48.23 million U.S. dollars from power exports to neighboring countries in the first seven months of the current Ethiopian Fiscal Year 2022/2023. 

The revenues which are only 82 percent of stated targets were earned through power exports to neighboring Kenya, Djibouti and Sudan.

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