Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia Discuss Regarding Migrant Workers –

Addis Ababa, November 29, 2022 (Walta) – Ethiopian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Lencho Bati and Ambassador Mulugeta Kelil, Consul General of Ethiopia’s General Consulate in Jeddah, conferred with a Saudi delegation.

The delegation led by Ambassador Mohammed Alshammari (PhD), consists of higher officials from Saudi Immigration, the Interior Ministry, and the Immigration Detention Center, Makkah region branch.

The two sides discussed a variety of issues, including the resumed repatriation of Ethiopian nationals under difficult circumstances, convicts who served their sentences and are awaiting repatriation.

They have also exchanged views on the ways in which Ethiopian nationals who entered the Kingdom through various routes but lost their legal residency in due course could be granted a special amnesty to leave the country without detention.

The conversation also touched on the Ethiopian government’s determination to stem irregular migration and it hopes that the labor agreement struck between the two governments will be implemented so that Ethiopians can come and work in the Kingdom while their rights and privileges are respected.

Recalling the long historical ties between the two countries, Ambassador Alshammari noted the importance Saudi Arabia attaches to this relationship and congratulated the government of Ethiopia on reaching a milestone agreement, putting an end to the conflict in Northern Ethiopia.

He also expressed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to assisting Ethiopia in the repatriation of its people from Saudi deportation centers, as well as his government’s willingness to collaborate on the mechanisms proposed by Ethiopia for the repatriation of convicts who have served their sentences.

He mentioned his government’s steadfast commitment to implementing the special amnesty provided to Ethiopian nationals who had lost their legal residency status and were willing to return.

He emphasized the efforts being made to safeguard the porous border through which illegal migrants enter the Kingdom, according to MoFA

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