Ethiopia Rejects Statement of the UN Int’l Commission of Human Rights Experts –


Addis Ababa, September 9/ 2022 (Walta) – The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the statement of the UN International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia issued on 7 September 2022.

“The Commission has no competence or proper appreciation of the conflict triggered by the TPLF in violation of the humanitarian truce. The Commission cannot arrogate to itself a mandate to pronounce on matters of threat to peace and security.”

The Commission’s ultra vires and blatant call for action against Ethiopia by the Security Council only show the reckless behavior of the Commission and vindicates the Government’s assertion that the resolution establishing the Commission and the works of the Commission are ‘politically motivated’, Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a Statement it issued today.

According to the ministry, the Commission has weaponized human rights for political pressure and exposed its true intentions, foreclosing all doors of cooperation with the Government.

“While rejecting the statement made by the Commission, the Ministry would like to reiterate the commitment of the Government of Ethiopia to continue respecting and ensuring respect for Human Rights and bringing violators to justice,” said the ministry.


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