Ethiopia, Eritrea Working together on Common Interests


Addis Ababa May 17, 2022(Walta) – Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said Ethiopia is working together with Eritrea based on the common interests of the two countries.

The Deputy Prime Minister made the remark to the House of Peoples’ Representative today while presenting Foreign Affairs Ministry’s nine-month performance report.

The Deputy PM indicated in his report that Ethiopia has good relations with neighboring countries.

In this regard, Demeke said Ethiopia and Eritrea are working together based on the common interests of the two countries.

“We are cooperating with Eritrea on the basis of mutual benefits,” Demeke stated noting that various activities are underway to transform the existing relationship between the two countries into a strong economic partnership.

“We are working with the highest priority to put in place a cooperation framework to enhance infrastructure development that would expedite border trade and the movement of people between the two countries as well as the utilization of ports, trade transactions, and customs services among others with a view to ensuring the benefits of the people in the two countries,” Demeke elaborated.

He also said that the joint voice of the Diaspora of the two countries has been playing a positive role in this regard.

He further underlined the need to exert efforts to enhance and protect internal unity in order to defend against the ongoing diplomatic pressure against Ethiopia, he underlined.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister said Ethiopia is experiencing various forms of diplomatic pressure.

However, Ethiopia has been able to defend against the pressures with the help of the endurance of the people, the participation of the diaspora community, and friends of the country.

“The diplomatic activities of the country will continue to face various challenges due to different factors including the unpredictable nature of the global system, the dynamism, and interests,” he added by underlining the need to enhance internal unity.


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