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Ethiopia on Wednesday called for reinforced public health measures amid suspected COVID-19 like flu outbreak.

Speaking to the Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Shambel Habebe, Manager, Public Health Emergency Operation Center at Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI), said chances are high recent flu outbreak in the country could indeed be a COVID-19 outbreak. He said those people which contracted the flu infection are showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection.

Shambel called on the population to undertake regular hand sanitation, practice regular use of face masks, take vaccines as well as keep their distance in areas with a large crowd of people.

He also called on those who are 12 years and above to be tested in nearby medical institutions, so they can get the appropriate health treatment in case they are found to have contracted any illnesses.

Ethiopia has so far administered more than 43 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, reported 157 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, taking the countrywide count to 496,535 as of Thursday morning, as the death toll stood at 7,572, showed the latest figures from the Ethiopia Ministry of Health.


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