Ethio telecom to make its Telebirr API public soon following Addis Zeybe’s article | Addis Zeybe


Ethio telecom announced that it will make its Telebirr API public in the near future in the response it forwarded to Addis Zeybe’s article on the flaws of Telebirr’s API which developers indicated. 

“We are giving our API on-demand basis for time being but we are working to make our API public in the near future to help out our merchants as well as our customers who want to integrate their payment system to our Telebirr platforms,” reads Ethio Telecom’s tweet reply. 

An application programming interface (API) is code documentation that allows two software programs to communicate with each other, as a translator for two individuals speaking different languages.

In Addis Zeybe’s article entitled, “Developers indicate flaws in Telebirr API, suggest an early adjustment” experts stressed that Telebirr had to improve its technical competence and simplify API-related problems mentioned earlier as it’s on the course of being a major fintech app and ensure its competitiveness with giants in the industry.

The major flaws pinpointed by the experts in Telebirr API are issues of documentation along with authentication and encryption.

IT professionals have been voicing their concerns and holding discussions on the matter on various platforms.


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