Ethio Telecom plants a smart learning seed in Addis Ababa University


Ethio Telecom inks a partnership agreement with Addis Ababa University, the country’s oldest and historic university, to provide connectivity and digital services.
The agreement includes connecting 18 campuses with high-speed internet service, building smart rooms, and providing various digital services. The agreement aims to facilitate exchange of experience, research, and innovation activities.
In addition, two campuses of Addis Ababa University will start using Telebirr’s digital payment for registration, examination, application, document authentication, tuition fees, official transcripts, student copies, alumni, and similar fees. The partnership is said to modernize service delivery, provide more efficient services, and reduce administrative costs.
Ethio Telecom previously collaborated with Addis Ababa University to form a joint curriculum for telecommunication network engineering and telecommunication information system. To this end, it is stated that in 2023, 53 students are currently being taught in this fields.
The company also indicated that it is providing on- the- job training for communication engineering and computer engineering students, providing practical training as well as pocket money. The 5,500 students that the company is providing 400 birr monthly pocket money, is spread across universities in the country, primarily for those who need financial support to focus on their studies, including 150 Addis Ababa University students.

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