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The state-owned Ethio Telecom revealed that it launched a cloud-based contact center service that helps cater to the request of its customers and enables enterprises to enhance their customer satisfaction. 

“The cloud-based contact center service automates and standardizes the process of receiving and responding to customer requests across different communication channels such as voice, SMS, e-mail, website, social media, and chatbot,” said Frehiwot Tamiru, the CEO of Ethio Telecom. 

The operator also said the new service would enable companies and businesses to utilize the contact center provider’s software without the need for their own contact center and/or internal IT support.

Ethio Telecom set a service tariff for the contact center with a range of 5 thousand and 6,600 ETB. The service is classified as Basic, Advanced, and Advanced plus. The basic level provides voice channel features, while the advanced gets voice, email, and chat features. The advanced plus is featured with multi-channel and supervision.

The CEO also mentioned that the contact center service came up with a solution to overcome the problems of handling social media inboxes separately.

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The new contact service center enables companies and enterprises to easily and better monitor their services by accepting and giving instant responses to their customers. 

Furthermore, the new service is claimed to help companies to directly sell their products and promote these products through online platforms. 

“The service can also provide omnichannel live agent support, which integrates requests made by customers through different channels and social media platforms. This enables the agents of the contact center to have access to all the questions and comments at once and provide customers with an instant response to their questions,” added Frehiwot.


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