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Ethio Telecom introduced a new business-empowering Cloud Computing system called Tele Cloud.   

Frehiwet Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom, said, “Tele Cloud is a new digital service that allows institutions and enterprises seeking an efficient off-site data backup solution and individuals who need to store, compile and access their data in secure data centers built by digital solution providers without the need to build their own data center and necessary infrastructure for the center.”

The three types of Cloud services to be offered by Ethio Telecom are Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), and Software as a Service(SaaS). 

Infrastructure as a Service enables its customers to save their personal information from wherever they are, Platform as a Service software allows developers to use a complete database management system for their development works, and Software as a Service provides customers with Software by paying their license fees using Tele Cloud. 

The CEO said that this system is cost-saving and the cost of paying in dollars for similar services will be eliminated. 

Firehiwot said Ethio Telecom came up with the solution of avoiding time spent on the selection of technology, infrastructure construction, training and maintenance, and foreign exchange payments. 

“This cloud service helps institutions and organizations to do their business and focus on the quality of their activities by avoiding unnecessary costs,” she added.

Cloud service is a platform, infrastructure, or software that is owned by third-party developers which helps customers store, access, and compile their data without owning, maintaining physical data, or incurring unnecessary costs.

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