Ethio Telecom introduces 5G network in Adama town of Oromia region | Addis Zeybe


The state-owned telecom operator Ethio-Telecom launched 5G network service on a trial basis in Adama, a city 94 kilometers from the capital, Addis Ababa. 

The 5G network will be available at six different stations in the town while testing the readiness of the ecosystem to commercialize the service, according to Ethio Telecom’s statement.

It is noted that the commencement of the 5G service is believed to enhance the plan of making Adama a smart city by integrating the town’s activities with smart technology.

“This 5G mobile network service is crucial for those who have a critical mission and services that want to be carried out at the same time (real-time) such as manufacturing factories, agriculture, medicine, and industries.  It is also a reliable and modern technology that allows technologies such as the Internet of Things to be realized in practice.”

The operator also said apart from enabling customers to get the best services and a better experience, 5G network service has an indispensable role for institutions and enterprises to increase their operational efficiency and productivity. 

Ethio Telecom introduced a 5G network for the first time in the nation in May on a trial basis at ten zones in the capital.

The full commercialization of the service will be dictated by customers’ readiness to use the service, the availability of 5 G-enabled devices and Smartphones, coupled with the need and readiness of enterprises to use the service, Ethio Telecom disclosed during the first launching of the service. 


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