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The government of Ethiopia is set to conduct a constitutional reform and referendum on disputed Wolkaite and Raya areas, the Center for Research and Documentation of Eritrea has announced.

The center revealed that it has been documenting a series of confidential discussions that were held between President Isaias Afworki of Eritrea and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, relating to the peace deal between government of Ethiopia and the Tigrayan forces, constitutional issues and solving land and identity issues in Wolkait and Raya areas.

According to the center, which serves as intelligence office for the horn African nation, the withdrawal of Eritrean forces from Ethiopia’s Tigray region has been taking place based on consensus reached between the two leaders.

“The leaders were working together to disengage the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and build a joint strong military power in east Africa,” said the center in its report issued in local language.
The leaders have discussed how they will manage the fragile east African politics, said the center in a report highlighting that TPLF, the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) and al-Shabaab remain to be the major security challenges to the region.

The center further revealed that the government of Ethiopia is set to undertake constitutional reform, referendum for Wolkait and Raya areas which were annexed by the TPLF in 1991 and incorporated into Tigray region. Wolkait, Telemt, Sitit Humera have been under the control of the Amhara forces after they made a counter offensive against TPLF in the areas.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister is also considering establishing a strong national army and dissolving special forces of regional states.

Meanwhile, the Eritrean General Sebhat Ephrem describes Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as a controversial leader for releasing Sebhat Nega, founder of TPLF, from jail, failing to capture Mekelle, capital of the Tigray region and reaching agreement with the TPLF.


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