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Addis Ababa July 31/2022 /ENA/ Foreign Affairs State Minister, Birtukan Ayano, urged Ethiopian Diaspora to be aware of Ethiopia’s unique place in Islam and promote it to build the image of the country.

Eid-to-Eid Diaspora Consultative meeting that aimed to discuss Ethiopia’s contribution to the development of the Islamic religion was held in Jima City today.

On the occasion, State Minister of Foreign Affairs and Eid-to-Eid Committee Chairperson, Birtukan Ayano urged the Ethiopian Diaspora to be aware of Ethiopia’s unique place in Islam.

Participants underscored the need to understand by the Ethiopians in the Diaspora and promote the country’s religious, historical, and cultural values ​to the world.

President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Sheikh Haji Ibrahim Tufa, Director-General of Public Diplomacy, Ambassador Dina Mufti, Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Mohamed Idris and Mayor of Jima City, Najib Abaraya took part in the meeting.

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