Dialogue Chief Commissioner Calls on Int’l Community to Contribute to Consultation Project


 May 12/2022 /ENA/ National Dialogue Chief Commissioner, Professor Mesfin Araya has called on the diplomatic community residing in Ethiopia to contribute to the success of the national consultation project.

Commissioners, alongside the chief commissioner briefed today the diplomatic community on the activities of the commission working to bolster national consensus.

Professor Mesfin explained about the commission’s steps of the exploratory phase and the subsequent preparation and implementation process that would be implemented in three years.

“We want to be very inclusive and bring the best possible nationalities as well as peoples. There will not be a small group which should not be left behind. This is our motto. So we will have more experts in our groups,” he added.

In this regard, the commissioner said that Ethiopians at home and in the diaspora are stretching their hands to support the National Dialogue Commission.

The chief added that this national reconciliation platform will not only serve traditional scholars but also open to the public.

Although the dialogue will be overseen by Ethiopians without any foreign interference, Professor Mesfin called on the diplomatic community to contribute to the success of the national consultation project.

On their part, some members of the diplomatic community attending the briefing appreciated the efforts of the commission that has significant impact to build a consensus on key issues and help the country to solve its complex problems.

And they added that the successful reconciliation project will  even have a wider positive impact on Africa’s peace and stability.

Russia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin expressed his hope that the commission would be able to achieve national reconciliation and ensure Ethiopia’s survival.

“We can consider Ethiopia as a kind of a nucleus for the African continent. Therefore, peace and development in Ethiopia will ensure peace and development in all the countries of the region and vice versa. …Thus, I wish all the possible successes to the commission in your future hard job.”

Russia will cooperate with the National Dialogue Commission and share its experience of multi-national government and country building, Ambassador Terekhin added.

UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ethiopia, Catherine Sozi said the United Nations will support Ethiopia’s sustainable development and its peace effort.

“Any support from the United Nations to facilitate this enormous task would be given to Ethiopia and even across the borders for the success of this national dialogue.”

The UN wants to be supportive in every way without interfering as it is only the internal affair of Ethiopia, she stated.

It is to be recalled that the 11-member commission was approved in February 2022 by the House of People’s Representatives to advance the prospects for peace and national unity by creating a shared common reality and unifying the people of Ethiopia around common goals including justice and prosperity.

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