Debretsion Called People of Tigray to be on alert


Tigray Regional President Debre Tsion Gebremichael called on the people of Tigray State to be prepared to ensure the independence of the people of Tigray.

During a meeting with residents of various zones of Tigray including Mekelle,the president said, “We have reached the final stage of reversing the current suffering of the people of Tigray and ensuring Tigray’s right to self-determination.”

“We know that not all political problems can be solved through peace and diplomacy, but we have made peace before and during the war,” Debre Tsion said in an interview with residents of Mekelle.

He said efforts are being made to alleviate the problem, despite efforts made by the international community to reach a temporary agreement with the region on food and medicine.

He accused the government  on mobilizing weapons and troops under the guise of a ceasefire.

Top TPLF leaders, including Fatlework Gebre-Egziabher (Mongerino), Alem Gebre-Hawad, and Getachew Reda, met with residents of various parts of Tigray and called on the people to prepare for the final phase of the struggle.

Ethiopian government states that the gov has facilitated humanitarian access to Tigray, but the TPLF itself has obstructed aid and invaded neighboring regions. Tigray rebels say they have completely withdrawn from the Afar region.

Last week, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited the Western Command and encouraged the Defense Forces and attended a demonstration of his military prowess.


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