Cultural Exchange Event Held at Royal Palace of Brussels for Ethiopian Embassy Staff –


Addis Ababa, August 24, 2022 (Walta) – Diplomats and staff members of the Embassy of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Brussels visited the Royal Palace of Brussels.

The visit was organized by the Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section in collaboration with Naomi Meulemans, a Belgian of Ethiopian origin and a founder of Ethiopian Art Conservation Program.

At the palace His Majesty receives the representatives of political institutions, foreign guests (heads of state, ambassadors) and other guests.

The Embassy staff had an opportunity to learn about important events and landmarks in the history of the palace which also houses images of exchange of visits between Ethiopia and Belgium.

The Embassy would like to express its appreciation to Meulemans, Ethio-Belgian Conservator and the protocol unit of the Royal Palace for the wonderful tour of the Palace.

Meulemans is currently working with Ethiopian counterparts to develop a heritage conservation program in Ethiopia with the support of various Belgian institutions.

The Embassy had hosted various events to promote Ethiopian cultural heritages and touristic attractions to the Benelux community while it will continue to do so in the new Ethiopian calendar year.


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