Commission Undertaking Preliminary Preparations for National Dialogue


April 26,2022 (ENA) The National Dialogue Commission disclosed that it has been undertaking preliminary preparations for the holding of the much anticipated dialogue since its establishment two months ago.

The National Dialogue Commission presented today its performance report to chairpersons of standing committees of the House of People’s Representatives and the Speaker Tagesse Chafo.

Presenting the report, National Dialogue Commission Chairperson Mesfin Araya said activities of the commission have been divided into four phases: preliminary preparation phase, preparation phase, consultation and implementation process; and implementation and evaluation.

The commission has so far been engaged in the preliminary preparation phase of the national dialogue, it was learned.

The preliminary activities include introducing members of the commission, team building, deeply understanding the foundational proclamation of the commission, enhancing documentation on indigenous knowledge, values, research outputs, and international experiences.

In addition, the commission has been holding discussion with potential stakeholders, including the National Board of Ethiopia, civic societies, Ethiopian Media Authority, elders and religious fathers, among others, to grasp experiences that would help to conduct successful national dialogue in the country, the chairperson pointed out.

According to him, the commission is working to complete all phases as scheduled.

Mesfin noted that popular support, full acceptance by the government, freedom and independence of the commission, and the realities on the ground favor peace dialogue to conflict, developed traditional reconciliation mechanisms, international supports, among others.

These are enabling environments to hold successful national dialogue, he stressed.

On the other hand, over expectations, internal and external interference, and multifaceted national agendas are among others the  challenges anticipated in the national dialogue process, the chair pointed out.

Lauding the commission for its encouraging activities, House of People’s Speaker Tagesse Chafo suggested that the commission finalize road map, code of conduct, guidelines to effectively run the activities in the process of the national dialogue.

He further stressed the need for organizing a professional team and advisory council by the commission to facilitate the activities and complete the process of the national dialogue as scheduled.

The National Dialogue Commission with eleven members came into effect since February 23, 2022.


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