Commission Distributes over 40mln Birr to IDPs in Amhara –


Addis Ababa, April 13, 20222(Walta) – The National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) disclosed that it has provided over 40 mil­lion Birr to address over 71,000 IDPs in Amhara State.

Commission’s Public Relation Head, De­bebe Zewde told The Ethiopian Press Agen­cy (EPA) that the commission provided over 40 million Birr raised from the Am­hara State government, local community, and partners.

“The Commission has also distributed 28,625 different non-edible items to the refugee camps from its warehouses. In this regard, the commission provided an esti­mate of 30 million Birr for different levels of Pavilions. Besides, the commission has also sent 3.5 million Birr to the refugee camps for different expenditures,” the Head added.

As to the Head, in Alamata town, their ex­ist 56,701IDPs who have been living in five different camps and in the community. The refugees were displaced from Alamata town of Alamata areas, Korem, Ofla, Raya Bala, Zata, and Raya Kobo.

Likewise, there exist 67,488 IDPs in Ab­ergele districts of the Waghimera zone who have been living in refugee camps and the commu­nity. The government prepared 45,000 hect­ares of land for receiving 10,000 displaced citizens in the Woleh area of the Waghimera zone of Seqota town. However, 1,731 IDPs entered the prepared site in this regard.

Particularly, the government has been striv­ing to establish additional refugee camps to receive the displaced citizens in the North Wollo zone. In this regard, it prepared 400 hectares of land to hold a capacity of over 88,000 in the Habru districts of the North Wollo zone. In addition, 16,211 displaced citizens from Kobo have entered the prepared site.

Similarly, the government established tem­porary refugee camps with a capacity to hold 5,000 up to 10,000 displaced in Hayk town of Jare area in South Wollo zone. So far 477 refugees entered the camp. The gov­ernment has been providing clothes, deter­gents, and health care services in collaboration with the concerned bodies. In this regard, 34 health care servants have been providing health care services in the refugee camps in Amhara State.

The commission has established an immedi­ate response center and Command post in Bahir Dar to respond to the whole need of the displaced citizens, the Head elaborated.


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