City Council Approves over 100 Billion Birr Budget for Upcoming Ethiopian Fiscal Year –


Addis Ababa, July 18, 2022(Walta) – The Addis Ababa City Council has approved more than 100 billion Birr budget for the 2022/23 Ethiopian Fiscal Year.

This annual budget showed an overall growth of 41.6 percent from the previous fiscal year, it was indicated.

The approved budget is believed to help effectively attain the goals set by the city administration by prioritizing infrastructure, water, road, entrepreneurship, and industrial sectors which are the primary concern of the government.

The city administration has also planned to focus on ensuring the equitable participation of women and youth as well as job creation during the new budget year, it was learned.

The budget aims to further strengthen the ongoing development endeavors of the administration and improve management activities at the highest level in the capital.

Moreover, the approved budget will focus on plans that will ensure the realization of a quality economy, and increase productivity and competitiveness with efficient and effective quality services to citizens, according to ENA.

It is also anticipated to ensure institutional transformation and the private sector’s leadership in the economy set by the city administration.


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