China’s WODA Metals Industry Signs Agreement With EIC to Transform into Industrial Park –


Addis Ababa, August 10, 2022 (Walta) – Following Ethiopian Investment Board’s (EIB) decision, Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) signed an agreement with WODA INDUSTRIAL PARK to upgrade WODA METALS INDUSTRY PLC to an industrial park level in presence of the Embassy of China, JETRO, and government officials.

Expanding from an existing 18.9 hectares of an operational factory, the park will have 100 hectares of land located in Oromia regional state, Sebeta town.

With approximately 95 million USD, WODA INDUSTRIAL PARK will host manufacturers to engage in the production of Metal and Engineering, Cables manufacturing, Automotive, and Tire industries.

With enhanced infrastructure facilities, utility supply, and OSS government services, WODA Industrial Park will help in realizing efficient production plants specializing in government priority sectors.

Employing eco-industrial park principles, manufacturers inside the park will engage in highly import-substituting and hard currency generating products. The park will facilitate knowledge and technology transfer by creating more than 17,500 job opportunities, according to the Ethiopian Investment Commission.


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