Better Macroeconomic Performance Registered – PM Abiy Ahmed –


Addis Ababa, August 3/2022 (Walta) – Ethiopia has registered better macroeconomic performance in the just-ended Ethiopian fiscal year, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed disclosed.

The premier said this while the macroeconomic committee reviewed major economic performance of the country in the last budget year.

He said the effort to register much better performance in all sectors would continue by expanding on this good beginning.

“Our macroeconomic committee meeting today has confirmed the remarkable export performance this past year — better FDI flow, decrease in inflation in the past two months, optimal green legacy, volunteer activities, remittance and automation performance,” the PM twitted.

Planning and Development Minister, Fitsum Assefa, pointed out that the macroeconomic performance of the country in the last fiscal year is better in many aspects, particularly in the export sector.

She said that over 4.1 billion USD was earned from the export while over 5 billion USD in raked in from remittance.

According to the minister the country managed to create over 2.3 million jobs to its citizens in the concluded fiscal year.  She also highlighted the challenge the economy faced due to inflation.


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