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Addis Ababa, August 17, 2022(Walta) – The Bahir Dar University signed a training program agreement worth 7.7 million USD with the United States International Development Agency (USAID).

The five-year training program agreement aims at producing proficient and competent researchers and research leaders in the field of disaster prevention and nutrition studies.

USAID Ethiopia Director, Sean Johns said during the signing ceremony that USAID has been providing support to education programs designed in the field of disaster prevention and reduction of vulnerability over the past ten years.

The training agreement aims at reducing Ethiopia’s disaster vulnerability, he said noting that some 750 Ethiopian researchers are expected to get training in the areas of disaster prevention and nutrition studies as part of the agreement, according to ENA.

The agreement will enable the creation of competent leadership in the areas by providing continuous capacity-building programs in disaster prevention and reduction of vulnerability, the director stated.

Bahir Dar University Information and Strategic Communication Vice President, Zewdu Imirru(Ph.D.) said for his part that scholars drawn from 11 universities will participate in the training program.


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