#ASDailyScoop: Ethiopian cargo ship unloading Kenyan goods in Mombasa Port after 23 years of absence


Gibe docked at the Mombasa Port. Photo: Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise

Addis Abeba – The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise said that Gibe, one of its cargo ships, has docked in Mombasa Port in Kenya after 23 years of absence.

Gibe has arrived at the port at the end of last week and is unloading Kenyan cargo which took off from Sohar Port in Oman. “With this, our company continues to be the first and only African shipping company to connect Africa with another continent with trade,” the state-owned enterprise said. “This is the first time that an Ethiopian ship has arrived in Mombasa since the last voyage of our ship Admas (Horizon) arrived there 23 years ago, making this trip historic.”

The state shipping enterprise further said that in addition to transporting import and export goods for Ethiopia, its ships are “expanding their reach and generating additional income by providing services to countries in the region.”

The company’s journey in sea transport services which spans for more than half a century “has successfully overcome the intense competition in the sector” and with the attention and support given to the sector, it “has become the pride of our country as the only national flag carrier in Africa,” according to the enterprise. AS


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