#ASDailyScoop: City Admin says organized robbery at private residence by group posing as fed. security forces foiled


Photo: Addis Abeba City Press Secretary Office

Addis Abeba – The Addis Abeba City Administration said an organized robbery attempt by a group of individuals who posed as federal security forces and targeted a private residence in the city was foiled after coordinated efforts by neighbors, community police and security forces in the areas.

Calling the attempted robbery an “evil plot”, the City Administration said the incident took place in Lideta sub-city, Woreda 08, Zone one.

According to Hailu Lule, the Chief Executive Officer of the sub-city, four individuals wearing federal police uniforms and two individuals in civilian clothes entered the residence of an individual after showing fake federal police IDs. They attempted to rob the residence after detaining the house help before the plot was thwarted.

Hailu said security forces had already been tracking the suspects, who fled the scene with “Oro. Code 03” vehicle, assisted by their co-conspirators who were parked outside. Security forces are tracking the suspects with assistance from surveillance camera in the area. He cautioned residents of the city to inform security forces similar suspicious activities and to safeguard neighborhoods. AS


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