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Addis Ababa September 8/2022/ENA/ Ambassadors of various countries residing in Addis Ababa wished to Ethiopians happiness, prosperity, peace, and stability in the 2015 Ethiopian New Year.

The Ethiopian New year, which follows a 13-month calendar trailing the western calendar by seven years and eight months, falls on September 11th of the Gregorian calendar.

The New Year (Enkutatash) serves communities and families in Ethiopia as a notch time to dream big and sustain peaceful coexistence by forgetting and forgiving grievances and embracing one another.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassadors of several countries hoped to see Ethiopia and Ethiopians unite and become a stronger country.

Russia Ambassador to Ethiopia, Evgeny Terekhin wished peace, good health, prosperity, love and joy to all Ethiopians.

The ambassador expressed his firm conviction that Ethiopians are capable to properly overcome all the challenges and difficulties that they have been facing now.

“I would like to wish to all my Ethiopian friends and the Ethiopian people peace in the new coming year. This is where all very much worried by the news which once again coming from the north of the country; nevertheless, I am sure that Ethiopian people who is really an ancient and wise people will find proper solutions to all their problems and difficulties. And I have no doubt that Ethiopians will be able to overcome all these problems,” he added.

Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Al Busyra Basnur said that the Ethiopian New Year is reflected way beyond the celebration.

He added that the New Year is a good opportunity to strengthen friendship, the spirit of closeness among family members and energy to work hard.

“This Ethiopian New Year also has to be not only for the individual, family, community, but also for the nation Ethiopia; not only Ethiopians in the country but also our brothers and sisters overseas-Ethiopian diaspora- because we have to engage them to build a better, stronger relations and spirit to build this country,” ambassador Basnur stated.

Irish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Nicola Brennan described the Ethiopian New Year as the time of hope.

“My real hope and desire for the country of Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia is for peace, unity and the opportunity to celebrate what brings us all together. There is a very good saying that there is a lot more that unites us than that divide us and this is the time to reflect on that which unites us, what brings us together. And for your wonderful country Ethiopia, I really wish for peace, stability and unity,” she added.

German Embassy Deputy Head Mission, Heiko Nitzschke expressed his wish to see a peaceful and stable Ethiopia.

“I wish all Ethiopians a peaceful year, so that all Ethiopians can focus on getting the country back on track on its political, economic, and democratic track. So first of all peace, peaceful New Year,” he noted.

Similarly Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ito Takako wished a peaceful and prosperous New Year for the Ethiopian people.

“I wish everyone in Ethiopia to have peaceful, prosperous and a better happier new year. This is the time to spend with your family or friends; I wish you to have a great time,” she added.

South Sudan Ambassador to Ethiopia, James Morgan said on his part that this is an important occasion where Ethiopians within the country and diaspora join to celebrate.

“We say Happy New Year and we wish you to celebrate this New Year in peace. We wish you to celebrate this New Year wherever you are in peace,” he added.

UAE Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mohamed Salem Al-rashedi for his part extended best New Year wish to the people and government of Ethiopia.

“I wish to all Ethiopians happiness and prosperity in the 2015 Ethiopian New Year.”


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