Ambassador Seleshi Bekele holds Discussion with Chairman Gregory Meeks –


Addis Ababa, August 10, 2022(walta) – Ambassador Seleshi Bekele held productive conversations with the US Congressman and Chair of US House Foreign Relations Committee, Gregory Meeks.

Ambassador Seleshi briefed Chairman Meeks on the progress and challenges regarding humanitarian assistance for conflict and natural disaster affected areas, peacebuilding, economic sector strides, democratization process, Ethiopia’s blockade from AGOA, HR.6600 and S.3199 Bills, the recent attempt of Al Shabab terrorist group on Ethiopia and other related matters.

He further elaborated on the need to remove the two Bills and reinstate Ethiopia to the AGOA benefit given the significant steps taken by the federal government in all aspects.

Ambassador Seleshi also said the century-old and long-lasting relationship of the countries deserve not a punitive measure on Ethiopia but rather a constructive engagement in trade, investment, climate change, energy, peace, and security.

Chairman Meeks on his part expressed his encouragement by the positive progress achieved in the areas of humanitarian access, ceasefire, and peace-building & national dialogue-related issues.

He also echoed the need to transform the historic relations between the two countries into increased trade and economic cooperation.

He further assured the Ambassador of his commitment to an enhanced Ethio-US relation on all fronts beyond the current gabs.


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