Ambassador calls on Ethiopian Community in Cuba for Active Engagements in Affairs of Ethiopia –


Addis Ababa, May 18, 2022(Walta) – Ethiopia’s Ambassador in Cuba, Genet Teshome (Ph.D.) exchanged views with the Ethiopian community in Havana.

The meeting covered a range of issues comprising the current situation in Ethiopia and services rendered by the Embassy to the Ethiopian community in Cuba.

Ambassador Genet explained the peace-building measures the Ethiopian government has been undertaking to resolve the conflict in northern Ethiopia and ensure enduring peace in the country.

He mentioned the efforts of the government to ensure accountability for human rights abuses and unreserved accessibility to humanitarian aid in conflict-affected areas, including Tigray.

Although the government took the initiative to establish the national dialogue Commission and declare the humanitarian truce, he said, the TPLF chose to take measures compromising the path to peace.

The Ambassador noted the effects of the TPLF-instigated conflict, Covid-19, locust infestations, and climate change on the country’s growing economy.

He called on the Ethiopian community to form a strong association that will be able to contribute its share in protecting the rights of the community and defending the sovereignty of their homeland.

Attendees thanked the Ambassador for the briefing and expressed their concerns regarding the accessibility of various services from the Embassy and their need to get information about Ethiopia regularly and consistently.

Ambassador Genet and the Ethiopian community also exchanged views on setting up a dependable association for the Ethiopian community in Cuba and possibilities for cooperation with the Embassy.


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