Amb. Redwan Shares Final Signed Peace Talk Agreement Document –


November 4, 2022-(Walta) – The Prime Minister’s National Security Adviser, Ambassador Redwan Hussein, shared the corroborated peace talk signed agreement document between the Ethiopian government and TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa on twitter.

Ambassador Redwan Hussein said that it should be noted that the agreement was signed after several heated group discussions and talks.

Therefore, there were many drafts submitted by the two parties, but the document that was agreed upon and accepted and signed is the one [he shared on twitter].

He warned against unverified and fabricated or fraud documents being circulated in social media.

“The agreement was made after multiple back and forth, open and close, larger and small group debates. Hence there were several drafts from both sides” he tweeted.



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Official version of AU-led Ethiopia peace agreement

Haleellaa Diroonii Godina Wallagga Lixaa Aanaa Boojjii Dirmajjiitti raawwatameen, namoonni mada’anii turan sababa waldhaansa dhabuutiin lubbuunn darbaa jiru jedhame.