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Addis Ababa, August 2, 2022(Walta) – The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) said it has talked about re-enlisting Ethiopia into AGOA and accessing humanitarian aid with U.S. officials.

AEPAC said it has held over 24 meetings with the U.S. elected officials and their teams. It also advocated members from all over the nation get together to advocate for Ethiopian-Americans.

Last week, members of AEPAC met with 24 members, officials, the State Department, and the White House. The discussions were constructive. Members talked about re-enlisting Ethiopia into AGOA and making sure humanitarian aid is being shared across Ethiopia and all the impacted areas in the conflict.

And most importantly, they asked the terrorist TPLF and Shene to put down their arms and end the violence. “We want everyone to go towards a place of peace. We think with U.S. support, we can get there. There is progress, but we have so much more to do in this regard.”

According to the Ethiopian Herald, the committee held over 24 meetings with elected officials and their teams, where it discussed issues that are vital to the community. AEPAC did a great job advocating for the people, it said.

Hence, AEPAC members have been supporting fundraising events, organizing receptions, meetings, and greeting U.S. officials, it was learned.


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