A Rally Protesting H.R.6600, S.3199 Held in New Jersey –


Addis Ababa, April 21, 2022 (Walta) – Ethiopians and Eritreans held a peaceful demonstration in New Jersey, U.S. outside the office of Senator Robert Bob Menendez where they denounced H.R.6600 and S.3199 draft bills.

Senator Robert Bob Menendez who is a senator from New Jersey is the sponsor of the S.3199 draft bill dubbed Ethiopia Peace and Stabilization Act of 2022.

The demonstrators called on the U.S. congress and senate to cancel the draft bills they described as counterproductive tools that sever relations between Ethiopia and the U.S. and hurt ordinary citizens of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

They carried placards read: “Malinowski’s H.R.6600 supports the terrorist TPLF who gang-raped women in Ethiopia”, “Bob Menendez is corrupt, supports illegal sanctions that harm Ethiopia, Eritrea” and “Stop your war on working Ethiopians”, among others.


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