A bomb shell from League Company President Fekade Mamo


While the cut throat Ethiopian Football Federation Presidential and Executive body election is getting momentum, the League Share Company President Lieutenant Fekade Mamo gave an earth shaking press conference that rocked the football family.
According to Fekade Mamo the press conference is just to give an insight to the General Assembly what is really happening surrounding the country’s football. “I am here on behalf of the Share Company just to give you some information about big scandals taking place in the name of the country’s football” Fekade remarked at the conference.
Fekade disclosed four major scandals that happened under the very eye of the incumbent executive body. Failure to deliver proprietorship certification for the 95 million Birr Football Federation office building, a messy deal with sports Equipment Manufacturer UMBRO and a 200,000 Birr commission payment for a certain individual and issuing a business class round trip 345,000 Birr worth air ticket to one of the Executive members are the real sensitive issues mentioned at the conference. “We were told that we do not have a right to give the press conference. But we simply ignored it and here we are with crude facts” Fekade stated firmly.
In the meantime the Football Federation General Secretary Baheru Tilahun appeared in ETV sport to declare that the League Committee’s press-conference is both illegal and quite a defamation campaign to rub dirt on the executive body members. “The League Committee could have done lots to better the country’s football rather than staying busy in such defamation acts” Baheru remarked at his brief stay with the sport news.


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