97 pc of 2022/2023 Ethiopia Univ. entrance examinees fail entry scores: Report – Mereja

Around 97 percent of Ethiopia secondary high school level students who took University entrance exams for the current 2022/2023 fiscal year have failed to get entrance scores needed to enroll in Universities, the online Addis Ababa based media outlet Addis Maleda disclosed on Thursday.

Citing “trusted” anonymous sources, Addis Maleda reported out of the more than 980 thousand students who took the university entrance exams only around 28,000 have been able to garner entry level scores.

Addis Maleda reported the 50 plus Universities scattered across Ethiopia have a capacity of enrolling more than 130 thousand students.

With the current university entrance grades as they stand universities are set to enroll not more than 20 percent of their enrollment capacities, Addis Maleda reported.

Addis Maleda further reported the Ethiopia Ministry of Education is expected to give a press conference on the matter on Friday.

The online media outlet further reported several options are being looked upon to overcome the “disastrous” university entrance scores, among which is allowing Universities to enroll students in their maximum capacity regardless of the new students scores.

Another option reportedly is for secondary high school level students who failed University entrance exams to undergo additional classes before possibly enrolling them in Universities.

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